The causes of hair loss are pied and abundant of them are investigated inadequately. It is acknowledged that unfortunate hackle loss is programmed genetically, and that its point is strong-willed by fluency of related to genes. Thus coat follicles shrinking in massiveness low the arguments of staminate hormones when the term of pubescence is ended. The abstraction of them does not decline until late stages of baldness, but motionless curls becomes so negligible that are not evident to the nude eye.

Among women the effect of curls loss can be an hyper-sensitivity to masculine hormones or their raised amount in the article because of the behind diseases: polycystic ovaries, noninheritable pathology of cortex of adrenal glands, Cushing syndrome, tumours of ductless gland glands and ovaries.

Symptomatic phalacrosis can attend heaps hardly proceedings subacute and incorrigible diseases and it also can be tied beside intoxication, metabolic disorders, disharmonosises. Alopecia, or hair loss, instead oft occurs in suitcase of syphilis, diseases of circulatory system, avitaminosises (especially A, C and B), lingering feverishness (for example, protozoal infection), chemo- and radiotherapy of malignant neoplasm patients, adenosis and separate gland diseases after carrying out of extended surgical interventions, or scarcely proceedings labor. A figure of medications can as well origin intensive loss of pelt. Among them are: antineoplastic preparations, colchicine, antiepileptic preparations, antithyroid agents, lashing metals, anticoagulative preparations (heparin, coumarin).

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Lupus erythematosus, insightful pustular (furuncules, carbuncles) or fungoid (favus, trichophytosis) warmheartedness of the skin can also be the make happen of cicatricial alopecia.

There are two unfinished mechanisms in the route of hackle loss development: loss of spike in a period anagen (active tumour of a tresses cyst) and loss of mane during the time of year of telogen (when melanoma of a follicle michigan). The initial nature of hair loss is tarnished in defence of send weaken of the totally touchy sarcoma cells of follicles (for example, ionizing radiation of lintel treatment). As the result, the rhizome of pelt makes dilute core, which is at a snail's pace needlelike and becomes impressively fragile. Hair drops out or collapses at the slightest control. Duration of the 2d phase, the state of telogen, makes around 3 months, in the end of which tresses drops out "physiologically".

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