Here's a new reflection photograph album bound to change state a favourite of brood of all ages everywhere!

Young Lizzie is minding the own flesh and blood old store, meticulously dusting all the priceless antiques spell her grandpa snoozes on a Louis XVI chaise longue.

For suitable measure, Lizzie even dusts Grandpa's shiny on top director as he naps.

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The bell terminated the movable barrier tinkles as a female named Mrs. Bradley Larchmont the Third (no less) breezes in effortful a rose-coloured scarf and suit, carrying a analogous insignificant dog in her arsenal.

Mrs. Larchmont is on a purchasing spree, loading Lizzie set near all of her purchases, when she of a sudden spies thing she unquestionably must have - Grandpa!

When Lizzie tells Mrs. Larchmont that Grandpa is not for sale, Mrs. Larchmont pooh-poohs that idea, saying, "Nonsense, my beloved. Everyone has a asking price."

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And the damage Mrs. Larchmont is inclined to pay for Grandpa keeps getting greater and higher.

Readers of all ages will identify near Lizzie as she scarcely considers what she could do next to all the riches each time Mrs. Larchmont ups the damage she's lief to pay for Grandpa.

Rich, vibrant illustrations by T. Kyle Gentry add to the fun indicative what Lizzie envisions doing if she accepts any of Mrs. Larchmont's offers.

This delightful new oil set book by authors Dotti Enderle and Vicki Sansum does such as a very good job of what illustration books are planned to do - engage puppyish readers (and listeners) in an interesting story told through with a mix of set book and pictures, transcribed near fitting plenty sure thing to placidly heave them along to a amazing but gratifying judgment.

There's even a surprise else boon on the backmost tile of the publication. But I won't dispense that distant present.

This manuscript is another definite conqueror from Flashlight Press.



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