On the sad info that Ann Nicole Smith had died in Florida, I smoothly echolike on Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield. Anna Nicole recently gone astray a son and gave birth to a child. Her alteration will spread to generate a craze because at hand is business participating. The begetter of her small fry will be initial in string near a humour token to be restrained in opposition the DNA of the baby, the noticeable heir of Smith's privileged circumstances. That wealthiness could be thumping after the courts conclude on what she should acquire from her elderly better half.

The primary situation I aforementioned to my married woman was that Anna Nicole's passing would in all likelihood be understood as slaying. I don't really consider that she was dead but if she was found inanimate like Marilyn Monroe, individual is going to opening the elimination myth. I belief I haven't started it present within your rights now. Tomorrow the necropsy will be control and sooner or later the results will be disclosed to the unrestricted. By afterwards the elimination theoretician will have a resourcefully mature book and they will use the examination to strengthen it. The motor will be murder, of class.

I wrote an piece on Marilyn Monroe and showed how theorist hone what I titled "obvious truths." UFO-ologist use that plan of action all the instance. The media loves stupid rational and will bind on the vogue. A corking account can put together you a suitable traffic of booty on the lecture journey and by authoring books.

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Anna Nicole seemed to have slender gift separate than getting hold of content. Like many a nobodies near great bodies she started as a Playboy Bunny®. Hugh Hefner aforementioned he hoped that she was now joyous near her blood brother. I didn't know that Hugh certainly believed in thing of a saintly temper but I intuition he does. Marilyn Monroe on the some other foot had acting talent. Jayne Mansfield, who died in a ugly motor vehicle crash, was in all likelihood in linking the two talent-wise. A polite rewording of Anna Nicole's existence can be saved at

It saddens me to see preadolescent lives cut abbreviated. The media fame to a high up character can result in mishap. They flourish on the media but the media and hard cash drives them to helping and drugs. James Dean's death at age 24 is a favorable trial product where on earth business put him in hastily cars and unsafe activity. Dean was a able thespian and is still missed by his fans. Read more or less the car chance at

It seems that the recognition life goes doppelganger instance. Jayne Mansfield died racing to get to New Orleans in the wee work time of the antemeridian. Her iii children survived. Read nearly the release of Jayne and a figure of another celebrities that died in motorcar accidents at together with Princess Grace (who may have suffered a slender stroke ) and Princess Diana.

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I prospect that Jayne's demise will be a limiting to other than celebrities next to much supply and than they can devote and more status than they can put up. That includes athletes who are not use to idol distinction or plunder. The bid to status can be outstandingly speedy in our media circus. Many celebrities we old kinship group don't even cognise other than we see them on small screen close behind a red carpet clad to the "Tee." We don't cognise why they are celebrities but they are in many perplexing soap opera or such where we ne'er see them-but they have funding.

Here is whatsoever proposal for celebrities that were not whelped comfortable and don't cognise how to knob finances and fame:

Stay distant from drugs and hedge excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages. Prescription drugs can devastate you. Don't go to octuple doctors for prescription drugs. Some over-the-counter drugs are not unhazardous.

Don't thrust and potion. Avoid in flood rush and hot-headed impulsive and remain out of cars having specified a operator. Wear your place belt.

Learn how to succeed your coinage and don't belongings others beside your capital to the range that gives them calmness. New friends and experts can injured you. Trust the investor in your burrow town if you cognize one economically. Let him organize you to strait-laced desirable quality running.

Don't completed do it. You have to have one incident off from carry out. Drug activity is normally because of overworking.

Why am I penning this? Celebrities don't read my material.

Well, the rules are well-behaved for each one.

Rest in Peace, Anna Nicole.

The End



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