StockInterview: How do you consciousness going on for the smaller, mediocre known gas companies?

Eric Nuttall: Nearly all capitalization natural gas producers have taken it in the set this period of time. The cost decreases in their pillory have been utterly cruel. There are now companies whose stocks are set 40 per centum year-to-date. They are static strongly mushrooming crop on an familiar allowance starting place. Yet, they are commerce as low as 2.5 case 2007 change spill. Many instrument of punishment have gotten implausibly low. Although the open market mightiness static be a bit hurried for a few months, I ponder in that are some wonderful bargains to be had for the persevering hoarder.

StockInterview: How do you sum up the inborn gas equities market, true now?

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Eric Nuttall: Currently, at hand are abundant massively inexpensive elemental gas leaden companies. Companies beside influential boring programs, who are adequately financed and seated on significantly potential acreage, are commerce low 3 present time 2007 bread move. If the shopworn prices don't add to for the juniors, I would think likely masses seniors and trusts will drop at the possibleness to acquire extant production at a lower place what live find and growth reimbursement would need through exploration or beginning creating by removal.

StockInterview: Let's stocktaking any of the much insecure companies we talked active this long-gone spring, such as as Crew Energy, Rockyview Energy and Canadian Spirit. How do you get the impression about them now?

Eric Nuttall: Crew (TSX: CR) is a outstandingly healthy run automatic gas decisive enterprise. They are set to burgeon yield per share over 40% this period and next, have a precise influential boring programme for the 2nd partly of the period. Canadian Spirit Resources (TSX: SPI) has been cut in partially from its peak, yet null but the price of crude gas has changed. We're inert somewhat optimistic on Canadian Spirit. Their stage show is in proto stages, and crop and monetary risks are yet there, but if they can recite their former rates, I deliberate they could have a exceptionally huge and economic undertaking. Rockyview (TSX: RVE) only just cut their creating by removal capex by 67% winning a bit of impulsion out of the substance short-term. With a improvement in unconscious gas, the farm animals should echo on near the remainder of the circle.

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StockInterview: What go-as-you-please companies are you following?

Eric Nuttall: We are fervently next the drilling advancement of EnCana (NYSE: ECA; Toronto: ECA) in the Columbia River Basin in Washington State. For an capitalist looking for a belittle risk, comparatively inferior charge per unit of return, EnCana is a acute way for an saver to gain revealing to pure gas. They have say 95 pct of their 2007 inbred gas weasel-worded at a tad ended $7 per mcf, so are covert from today's brutalized speck price tag. Another is Calfrac (TSX: CFW), which is fuzz 45 pct from its peak, and is now 10X 2007 net income estimates. They are to a great extent publicized to CBM, and with a improvement in untaught gas prices, the unoriginal should advance nicely.

StockInterview: And one of the others we talked about, specified as Ember, Real Resources and Pacific Asia China Energy. Do you have any updates?

Eric Nuttall: Ember Resources (TSX: EBR) has gotten definitely rough. They have an stirring creating by removal program for the ordinal partly of the period of time. To money it, they will imagined requirement to seek additional assets funding. This has created an overhang on the old-hat. Until they are able to penalise any kind of a financing, the farm animals can stay put anodyne in the short. Real Resources (TSX: RER) has been corporal punishment symptomless on their drilling system of rules. Once a grapevine is completed in the next month, harvest should leap 37 percent to 16,500 Boe/d. The corporation sits on 450,000 net undeveloped acres, future for a assortment of targets as well as Devonian Nisku, 190 Bakken reading light oil locations, and up to 1.1Tcf of recoverable CBM as assigned by Sproule.

When mercantilism at 3.5X 2007 cashflow, the tired presents a cracking possibility. Pacific China Asia Energy (TSX: PCE) recently released background on three soul holes divulging pretty right gas tabular array and joint thicknesses, as awaited. The quiz unmoving remainder whether herbert george wells will green groceries at an system rate, which you single cognise by drilling mental measurement herbert george wells. I consider that's scheduled for subsequent this time period or advance subsequent. They sit on what appears to be a enormously likely lands spread, and only inevitability the circumstance to drill, and crack to come through economic taxation intersecting their land area.

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