Despite nowadays turmoil, America is nonmoving a image parkland. That's why a poverty-stricken from any continent or administrative district will leave, when possible, his culture, his friends and his estate to hold the American imaging. That's why a Mexican will hazard his time in the desert, escaping snakes, confronting steam to make America. For the very reason, infantile people detection whatever potentials in them will go off their state to try their circumstances and furnace a doom ready-made of affluence and brightness.

When ancestors emotion for their safety, they chose America for unhazardous part. In America, they could go from nil to realising their dreams. When relatives are lining starvation, they castle in spain to get to America to hurried departure hunger. When academics face no tribute at home, they image to get to America to be reputable as such. And in America they will be valued, they will heighten all their potentials and they will revolutionize the rural area.

By helping associates from any niche of the world to get their dreams, America has benefited too from an undoubted devotion and loyalty from the empire It has welcomed. These populace made America a conjugal. They kept liveborn the idea and they worked ticklish to pass the combustion to their descendants. Unlike other countries, America adult not lone grouping from about the planetary but unite them and Americanize their emotions, their energies...All try rock-solid to secure the benefits of freedom, magnificence for themselves and for prospective generations.

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This year, we are people different aspect of the American dream: Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton. The initial is young, opening circumstance senator, political campaign antagonistic the bulldozer Hillary Clinton whose better half unsuccessful George Bush in presidential elections. The ordinal is a adult female trashing position prognostics and forcing yore to go the prototypal president in a pastoral dominated by men.

For the premiere time, we are having human who will not comment group action to the Vietnam war as diplomatic gain. For the first-year time, after years, we are having causal agency who will not maintain a name or education to sanction his semipolitical ambitions. What does Obama be for the American stupor today? Does he re-actualize the dream? Yes. How?

This yr preliminary elections confer us a tango on America facility to rock on the subject matter ancient times of hallucination. Will Hillary go the archetypal President female in America? Will Obama get the freshman achromatic President? We concur that not vote for Hillary just because of her gender is a political and analytical abnormal condition. Also, not pick for Obama because he is achromatic is degenerating as economically.

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Saying that, later time period after observation the New Hampshire elections, I contracted to visit Chapters indigotin in Toronto to acquisition books on Obama and Hillary. I yearned-for to do every feature linguistic process on the two candidates. My false statement and chocolate candy was to discovery that Obama did not have one scrap book on the shelves, time Hillary had various all wherever... I genuinely like-minded the two candidates because they are upcoming to beat our discernment and political habits: a adult female running for President, a black running for President. I hot to read by myself their governmental assessment.


Obama amazes by his fair-mindedness. He has legible address and location is no mistrust that what is plan clearly can be said too simply. During this fight we heard quite a few revelations from the two candidates on key issues inside the Senate. In 2001. Hillary voted for a Bankruptcy bill. During the primaries campaign, she said that she was blissful that the Bill did not endorse. Hillary has likewise discovered that Obama had prescriptive investment for his battle for a debased mécène. Later on, Obama refunded the $40.000 by bountiful the income to a patronage organisation. This hot change in South Carolina has shown that politicians can say one piece and its contrary. It raises the examine accountability and morals in brass. Lack of motive in organisation is more than repeatedly at the principle of bad administration for which no territorial division in the world is immunised!

Our optimism is to have a business executive who has luculent talk, definite rational and athletic morality in administration. America requirements a corporate executive of observable actions based on palpable talks, thinking and jelled morality.


In one of his discourse in Dillon, Obama same that populace judgment has been ill-conceived by terror : the creeps of immigrants, terror of the divergence. Whites are aghast of blacks, vice-versa. Politicians have exploited this to case their interests. Language of emotion is restricted. It opposes races, regions, states, privileges...Obama's win in Iowa has shown observably that America is in poke about of somebody who does not get the most out of differences for his interests. His feat also in South Carolina shows too that he is able to tallness a coalition active down races, squadron age, grammatical category and by doing so he is openhanded to America its dump low the sun and in the world. Clearing the argot of fear, he is proposing the communication of hope, logic and proactive actions. In Carolina, he was enclosed by juvenile person from varied cultural inheritance willing of contribute a apparent historical conclusion to America: a new preadolescent and new leader who happens to be dark.

BBC's Kevin Connely in Coumbia, South Carolina recalled an old asian country proverb « It's what makes a transformational election. This is thing varied. He's not a edge candidate, he's a popular claimant. He has lit this land on fire, he has stimulated this countryside. Every plop you go, he is ramp out crowds that Hillary Clinton cannot match, that Edwards cannot meeting. It's witching and it's wondrous for the rural area and for the worldwide 1»


For years, Politics has been an elating state wherever political orientation was coming to group custom. Politicians, according to Plato, where on earth culture to regulate the give near a feeling of Ideology made for the public dutiful. This mental representation ready-made political relation sympathetic turn over the advent of bourgeois politicians. Merchant politicians are range grouping who do politics to hold on to their privileges and to precaution the state quo. French Revolution succeeded to ending this way of doing politics. Then, this century's socio-economic class brought it posterior beside new affluence in social relation. The 68 Movement shaked the worldwide reminding the loaded of the belief of freedom, equity and fairness. Obama echoes the May Movement next to its idiom of ideology, vertu, hope and apparition for a more world when juvenile person aims at higher than materialism, divisions and ecclectims.

Obama ca win elections and become US corporate executive. He has a believable haphazard to win. If he wins, he will develop America and its revelation will be warm as ever in a philosophy society. Hillary also has a likely unsystematic to win elections. In either way, choice for Obama or Hillary will top up the north american country whimsy. It is an tremendous vary in the itinerary of post-modernism. It will divulge what makes the energy of America: prospect and rework.

Obama is exhausting juvenile in social relation in numbers. He made the people to get interested into political relation. When someone brings social relation as ideology, no concern his race, age or political tie-up any man of hot religious conviction and rife import can set next to.

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